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Who is Andrew Weissmann Wife and his Biography

Andrew is a popular personality in the legit and political circles of the United States. He is a civil supporter who served as the chief of the felonious fraud section of the Department of Justice and as an elderly member of the special counsel platoon led by Robert Mueller that inquired into the Russian hindrance in the 2016 presidential election. He’s also a professor, an author, and a media blogger.

Andrew Weissmann wife:

Andrew Weissmann has been married to Debra Weissmann. She is also known as Deborah M. Weissmann. Andrew and Deborah Weissmann keep their personal information limited and far from the public. They share little information about their marriage and family on social media.

Debra’s background and education:

Deborah, a Phi Beta Kappa honors graduate from Syracuse University, followed her law degree cum laude from Syracuse University Law School. Her lawful career involved representing individuals in labor law, civil rights, family and education, and immigration law across Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Tampa, Florida. She worked as Deputy Director and Executive Director at Legal Services of North Carolina from 1994 to 1998.

Deborah joined the Carolina Law Faculty in 1998 and is the Reef C. Ivey II famous Professor of Law. Deborah was the Director of Clinical Programs from January 2001 through July 2010. Her tutoring and exploration interests involve law and political frugality, migration/ immigration, mortal birthrights, overcritical legit propositions, and gender violence. She authorizes multitudinous papers, compositions, and books locals on the political frugality of gender violence, language birthrights, immigration-related effects, and mortal birthrights. Deborah’s work has appeared in the Boston College Law Review, the William & Mary Law Review, and the Columbia Human Birthrights Journal, among others. She entered the ACLU’s Frank Porter Graham Award for her work in civil birthright sweats.

Debra Weissmann career:

She has been teaching at Carolina Law University since 1908. She has been a famous law faculty member at Carolina Law University. From the beginning of 2001 to July 2010, she was the assigned Director for clinical programs at the university. She is an expert in law-related fields. Debra completed her B. A from J.D. and Syracuse University in 1975. She has penned numerous papers in recognized diurnals like Columbia Human Birthrights Journal, Boston College Law Review, and William and Mary Law Review.

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Debra Weissmann family:

Debra was Andrew Weissmann wife. They have a son whose name is Ben Weissmann. They live a peaceful and pleasant life. The couple’s relationship has been private, and has not shared important information with the public. Still, some sources suggest that they’ve been married for over three decades and bind the knot in New York City, where Andrew was born.

Deborah M. Weissmann’s marriage life:

Andrew and Debra Weissmann have a happy, peaceful, and stable marriage. They have supported each other throughout their careers. They have raised their son together. They share a passion for travel and have visited many places, such as Italy, France, and Japan.

Andrew Weissmann has frequently praised his wife for her intelligence, compassion, and beauty. Andrew devoted a section to her in his book, Where Law Ends, writing: “To Debra, my wife, who is brilliant, beautiful, and kind. You are my everything.”

Debra Weissmann has also shown commendation and respect for her husband’s work and accomplishments. Debra has accompanied him to different events and observances, similar to the 2018 Time 100 Gala, where Andrew Weissmann was recognized as one of the most definitive people in the world.

Andrew Weissmann biography

Andrew was born on March 17, 1957, in New York, USA. He’s a popular lawyer and professor. In 1991, he started his life career as a counsel. In 2002, he served as a U.S. counsel in the Attorney’s Department of the eastern quarter of New York.

In 2015, He became the head of the Felonious Fraud Section of the U.S. Department of Justice. In 2017, Robert Mueller designated him to the Special Counsel platoon. Andrew Weissmann has served as the prestigious Senior Fellow of the Center on the Administration of Criminal Law.

Andrew’s early life and education

Andrew Weissman grew up in New York. He watched the Ethical Cultivation Fieldstone School. He latterly attended Princeton University, and in 1980, he graduated with a bachelorette’s place. He got numerous Fulbright literacy from the University of Geneva and entered a Juris Doctor place from Columbia Law School in 1984. Andrew also clerked for Judge Eugene Nickerson in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

Andrew Weissmann age:

Andrew’s age is 65 years old as of 2023. He was born on March 17, 1957, in New York. He completed His education brightly and became successful in his life. He is an American professor and lawyer. He worked with her passion and attracted millions of people attraction. Andrew Weissman is of Jewish descent. His zodiac sign is Pisces. These signs indicate our personality, basic preferences, and sense of self.

Andrew’s family and siblings:

Andrew was born in New York. He is the son of Gerald Weissmann and Ann Weissmann. He has one sister whose name is Lisa Weissmann. Andrew Weissmann wife name is Deborah M. Weissmann. He has a son whose name is Ben Weissmann. Regrettably, there is no publicly accessible information about his family. There is no accessible information about his social media profiles. He appears to value his privacy and chooses not to reveal details about his personal life on these platforms. He likes to keep it private.

Andrew’s physical appearance:

There is no publicly available information about his body appearance. But through his pictures, we assumed his features and height.

Height and weight:

His height is 1.73 cm (5 feet 8 inches). Andrew’s tall height makes his personality mesmerizing and attractive. His body weight is 70 kg (154 lbs.).

Ethnicity, hair and eye color:

His Caucasian ethnicity is white. His hair and eye color are brown.

Andrew Weissmann career

He is a Professor of Practice and Senior Fellow of Criminal Law at NYU School of Law. He was a supereminent supporter in Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s Office. He also served as Chief of the Fraud Section in the Justice Department. During his former term at NYU Law, he was an elderly Fellow at the Reiss Center on Law and Security and the Center for the Operation of Criminal Law. Andrew tutored courses in public screening and felonious procedure.

From 2011 to 2013, Andrew served as the General Counsel for the Federal Bureau of Examination. He formerly served as special counsel to Director Mueller in 2005, after which he was a mate at Jenner & Block in New York City. From 2002- 2005, Andrew served as the Deputy and manager of the Enron Task Force in Washington, D.C., where he superintended the execution of more than 30 individuals in connection with the company’s collapse. he was a Belligerent prosecutor for 15 times in the Eastern District of New York, where he served as the Chief of the Criminal Division. Andrew Weissmann has expansive experience in private practice. He won the most significant Financial Industry Regulatory Authority agreement award in history. Andrew has tutored felonious law and procedure at Fordham Law School and Brooklyn Law School. He holds a Juris Doctor from Columbia Law School and was on the Columbia Law Review managing association. He has a Bachelorette of Trades from Princeton University and watched the University of Geneva on a Fulbright Fellowship.

Andrew Weissmann net worth:

Andrew’s net worth is more than 15 to 16 million USD in 2023. Andrew’s net worth is estimated to reach 18 million in 2024. Andrew has accumulated his net worth solely from his career in the court.

Final thought:

Andrew and Debra Weissmann are an authority couple who have excelled in their respective fields and have maintained a solid and affectionate bond. They have retained their wedding and marriage details away from the spotlight but have shown their love and appreciation for each other publicly and privately. They are a source of creativity for many who aspire to balance their professional and personal lives.

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